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Welcome to I-thrive! I am excited and grateful to be the teacher of the I-thrive program this year. My name is Beth MacDonald and I have 8 years teaching experience in the student services field. My educational background is in inclusive education and yoga. My focus will be creating a safe, caring space for students to feel supported, included and engaged in a purposeful learning environment.


I-thrive is a specialized program that supports students with a personalized learning approach. My goal is to meet the specific needs of students that promotes positive mental & physical health. My focus will be supporting students with their academics, mental and physical health to help build resiliency skills. I feel it’s important to provide opportunities for students to have an active role and voice in their learning in a collaborative environment.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by phone or email.




Beth MacDonald

I-Thrive Teacher

Bert Church High School


(403) 948-3800 Ex. 7117


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