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I am the Guidance Counsellor for grade 10 and 12's and I am so excited to be here at Bert Church! The first semester of the 2016-2017 school year is well underway and I have already met many of you in person and I look forward to meeting everyone in some compacity!

I have an undergraduate Education Degree from University of Calgary, and a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology from Flinders Univesity of South Australia.

This year, I will be facilitating giving students a voice in the areas they find they need the most support. I will also be offering student support groups around the area of anxiety (including general anxiety, social anxiety, and test anxiety), self-worth, and many others as the year progresses .  I am thrilled to begin the year - we have lots of great growth and learning to do together in building capacity, unserstanding, caring, and overall success! - and I will endeavour to provide all students in grade 10 and 12 with an engaging and meaningful highschool journey in the areas of emotional, mental, academic, physical and spiritual health!

At the heart of my practices as a High School Guidance Counsellor are four core values.

  1. I believe that each individual has a story, incredible value, and a powerful voice!
  2. I believe that while we each have our own unique strengths and struggles, anyone can overcome and learn anything if the desire and drive to do so is present.
  3. I believe that a passion for personal health and peace is essential for healthy living and wholeness!
  4. Goal setting is most exciting when we can draw from our strengths and passions, and see the the relevance of how our choices today will affect tomorrow!


Remember, you have a team of supports here at Bert Church High School and you hold the power to direct your time here in meaningful, successful, and signifcant ways!



Phone: 403-948-3800 Ext 7011

High School Graduation Requirements:




PowerSchool Parent How-To Guide: http://bertchurch.rockyview.ab.ca/parents/powerschool

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