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Art 2017/18 continues to be a popular option.  This year the art department has the opportunity to take student work out into the community and bring professional art into the school and classroom.  Spring 2018, the Airdrie Public Library will once again host the student art show, always a wonderful opportunity for the students; worth a visit.

The Art department is hosting two travelling curated art shows, which showcase professional artists, one in November and the other, May.  This opportunity is arranged through TREXSW, the Alberta foundation for the arts travelling exhibition program.

In November we welcome the exhibition Wind, which presents the work of Reinhold Pinter.  "Wind is elemental, simply the natural movement of air. But as artist Reinhold Pinter demonstrates in this exalting exhibition, wind is, in its uniquely paradoxical way, so much more....Pinter presents the paradox of wind as a metaphor for personal and social conflict...Pinter's  exploration of emotion is wrought in a visual study of an invisible force, which has the power to injure and to heal, wind. This unpredictable yet inevitable natural element, which appears in so many guises, the images suggest, is an ideal metaphor for the infinite variety of storms and breezes which alternately occupy and fade from the human heart."  -Caroline Loewen, curator.

May 2018, On the Grid will be on display at BCHS. "In the visual arts, the grid is most often associated with mid-20th-century Minimalism, Op Art and Color Field painting. Artists associated with these movements were interested in the flatness of the picture plane, which led the American art critic Clement Greenberg to proclaim in 1954 that “pictorial space [in painting] has lost its ‘inside’ and become all ‘outside.’” 1 He declared that painting was headed in a progressive trajectory toward greater abstraction, flatness and purity of form—a direction embraced by a number of leading artists throughout the United States, Europe and Canada. These artists were not concerned with painting for the purpose of representing the natural world. They wanted to create art for art’s sake. Art that alludes to itself. Art that was about pure form. Art devoid of an explicit narrative. The grid became the perfect emblem for this pursuit.

Like its presence in our day-to-day lives, the grid manifests literally and covertly in the artwork selected for this exhibition. In some instances, it is a visible, blatant motif, and in other instances, its presence is implied through the measured, and sometimes, modular construction of the compositions. This collection of work is intended to remind us of the grid’s tremendous influence on 20th-century art and architectural discourse, but also to lead us to contemplate its enduring presence. On the Grid is comprised of 17 works of art from the collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) by 7 artists: Helen Archer, Charles Boyce, Ihor Dmytruk, Christian Grandjean, Harry Kiyooka, Bill McCarroll and Frank Stella."—Shannon Bingeman, Curator

Other themes explored in art this year are: portrait, identity and self, heritage/culture, art fundamentals and a variety of mediums, just to mention a few.  All assignments are posted to moodle so that the students have access to course content and resources, which will help them further their understanding in the historical/contemporary, technical, and creative aspects of art.


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