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Welcome to my classroom!  I hope that you enjoy your year and that it is a satisfying one for you.

I currently teach half-time (mornings) in the Math Department at Bert Church High School.  The first semester I have a Math 10-3 and Math 20-3.


Math 10-3

Units taught include the following:

  1. Unit Pricing and Currency Exchange (10%)
  2. Earning an Income (10%)
  3. Length, Area and Volume (10%)
  4. Mass, Temperature and Volume (10%)
  5. Angles and Parallel Lines (10%)
  6. Similarity of Figures (10%)
  7. Trigonometry of Right Triangles (15%)
  8. Final Exam (25%)


Math 20-3

Units taught include the following:

  1. Slope and Rate of Change (10%)
  2. Trigonometry (10%)
  3. Graphs (10%)
  4. Surface Area, Volume and Capacity (10%)
  5. Scale Drawing (10%)
  6. Finance (10%)
  7. Budgets (10%)
  8. Puzzle and Game Analysis (5%)
  9. Final Exam (25%)


Assessment for both courses is the same. The percentage for each Unit is listed above (number in brackets after the Unit).

Within each Unit the mark breakdown is as follows: Assignments, Projects and Quizzes (60%), while the Unit Exam is worth 40%.


Curriculum Guides for these two subjects may be found at the following web address:



I can be contacted at (403) 948-3800 or at tmcinnis@rockyview.ab.ca.


Teacher Tips

Your involvement as a parent is essential to the success of your child at school. Please visit my workspace and PowerSchool student so that you are up to date with your child’s assignments, class schedule, attendance, and marks.

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