School Coaching Groups

Coaching Group Information

Coping with Anxiety This group is open to anyone who is dealing with a form of anxiety (from generalized anxiety disorder to social phobia and beyond). The program utilizes content from the FRIENDS program, which is approved by the World Health Organization. Participants can expect to learn coping strategies (such as mindfulness, coping step plans, positive self-talk, and more) that will enable them to deal effectively with anxiety. – led by Ms. van Ysselsteyn

ADDress This! - support group for youth who have ADHD/LD.  Students will learn the neurological underpinnings of ADHD and a variety of methods for not only surviving, but thriving with ADHD and/or a Learning Disability.  – led by Mrs. Sweetapple

Healthy Relationships:  Choices for the Future - support group for youth to learn about conflict resolution, creating health relationships, building self-esteem – led by facilitators from the Calgary Women’s Shelter.

Girls’ Circle - support group for girls in grade nine building on self-esteem, conflict resolution, healthy communication – led by facilitators from Stepping Stones and Community Links

The Council-For Boys and Young Men – strengths based support group for boys in grade nine promoting a safe and healthy passage through pre-teen and adolescent years  – led by facilitators from Stepping Stones and Community Links

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