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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. (M. Williamson)

Bert Church High School (BCHS) continues to move forward in our students feeling safe, supported and cared for, while having our staff be committed to their excellence. This includes our learning community reflecting on our students making significant gains in taking ownership of their learning. The depth of our program offerings for our learners is impressive. BCHS consistently performs well in keeping our students in school and graduating; we exceed the provincial average. In provincial testing results, our collective achievement has increased while the number of our students transitioning to post-secondary has also risen. In citizenship and inclusiveness, our students and school excel; recent highlights include BCHS being award the 2017 Unified Sports School of Alberta and our hosting of the Alberta Student Leadership Conference (ASLC) in May 2018.

As we enter the year of Innovative (our third school value), we have taken significant steps in preparation for 2018-19. Our students and staff have increased their satisfaction in engagement and content interest measures in the perception of our offering quality learning experiences through inquiry and project-based tasks. Learners are engaged and our purposeful transformation in assessment practices is beginning to take effect in their knowing of outcome targets and how to make improvement. Career awareness and readiness continues to be a focus; learners are valuing Career on Focus Days when a variety of community presenters come in to share their chosen paths. Our Advisory system maintains small family like groups with a consistent teacher as a learning coach for our students throughout their entire high school (Gr 9-12). In our celebrations and in our losses, this support is proving invaluable.

For 2018-2019, we will be focusing on the following to support our being Innovative, in offering a dynamic learning environment that further captures student engagement and facilitates success:

Imagine: Through our offering of supportive experiences and new course offerings, we will assist our students in developing to their greatest capacities in learning and in life. Our focus is to have students passionate about their futures and a plan to reach their desire outcomes.

Influence: BCHS strives to always put into action what is best for our students and their learning. We will continue to make offerings such as the Career Advancement Program (CAP), while building on supports such as Numeracy and Literacy, I-Thrive and spaces that foster career steps.

Inspire: We will persist to have our staff model in productive ways while designing learning that is engaging and motivating. This includes constantly making improvement in instruction and assessment. Our hope is for students to reciprocate modelling to their peers for learning and living.

Interconnected: Our strong belief is that learning 21st century competencies and self-confidence are what will propel our students into successful lives. We cannot individually reach these goals; we will continue to partner with community members while having our students lead various projects.

I am most excited that we will continue to empower our Charger learners, whether students, staff, or families, to feel safe to take risk, to make change and to develop fully. Although our mission is formidable, we are always committed to excellence! BCHS is an amazing school and it is a privilege to serve as Principal to our entire learning community.

Laurie Johnston

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