Mr. Blumhagen


I am a Red Seal journeyman hairstylist with more than a decade of experience in the trade. My Bachelor of Education degree was obtained at the University of Alberta with a focus on CTS Education & English. My Master's degree was obtained at Concordia University in Portland, where I explored CTS and Aboriginal Education in my thesis research.

For the past three years at Bert Church, I have taught Cosmetology and CALM (Career & Life Management), as well as being involved with our school's GSA and Youth Champions (Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre), running a journalism club one year and coaching our JV Girls' basketball team and track & field each spring.


Cosmetology 9 is an introduction to many of the concepts that will be explored in depth throughout the high school CTS Cosmetology program. The course is largely focused on projects and research to provide a beginning understanding of the theory and practical aspects that will follow in the more intensive high school program. Much of the work is completed in the classroom, with a variety of projects designed to introduce topics such as equipment, safety and product usage.


With a completely new program of studies recently released and a wonderful new classroom space, we are very excited to be moving toward offering the first period of the Alberta Hairstylist Apprenticeship program. Students will be introduced to various concepts related to beauty and the trade, be encouraged to register as apprentices through the RAP Program and work through increasingly demanding credits as they work toward the goal of challenging the First Period Apprenticeship exam.


The newly updated curriculum for Hairstylist Apprenticeship modules is available here

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns at
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