Fitness Testing

This folder will outline the scores for your fitness assessments.

Leger (beep) test

A measure of cardiovascular endurance. Participants are required to run 20m while pacing to a specific cadence. Report scores for the stages that you have completed successfully.

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Partial-Curl Sit Up

A test for muscular endurance within the abdomen. Following a set cadence, perform a partial-curl sit up while your lower legs are parallel to the floor. Each successfully completed curl is 1% for the test.

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Push up scoring

This is a test of muscular strength and endurance for the upper body. Males must maintain a straight alignment for the entire test. Females must maintain a straight alignment between their shoulders and their knees. Elbows must reach full extension during the "up" phase and touch the chest to the floor for the down phase.

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Bench scoring

This is a test of muscular endurance. Perform as many repetitions as possible. Males must do 75% of 1RM. Females do 60% of 1RM final

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