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I hope you are looking forward to an exciting year of learning!

A major focus in my English classes is literacy; developing, growing, strengthening those reading and writing skills that are necessary for success, within these hallowed halls and beyond the school setting.  Using analytical skills to improve comprehension of text (self-selected books, short stories, movies, political cartoons, fiction, non-fiction), as well as the opportunity to create original texts, are all part of what grade nine, ten, eleven and twelve students can expect.  High standards of quality, with students working towards goals of personal and academic improvement, are important elements in my class.  Classroom activities, assignments, and projects are closely tied to the curriculum as required by Alberta Education.

For more information on the Program of Studies:  https://education.alberta.ca/programs-of-study/programs-of-study/

For all English classes, reading books selected by the students is part of our daily schedule.  Please come prepared with reading material, hard copy (paper) or e-reader for each and every English class.  Choice of reading material can be fiction or non-fiction; novels, magazines, graphic novel, etc. Students are allowed to read using e-readers, but phones and computers are not acceptable during the time set aside for reading.

Materials required for English include; pens, pencils, glue, scissors, pencil crayons, and Hilroy Exercise Books.  Hilroy Exercise Books are available at Staples or Walmart.  Please buy the lined page books.  The Hilroy Exercise Books are for daily assignments and novel studies.



Assignments will be posted on our Google Classroom site.  Parents have the opportunity to join Google Classroom which will keep you informed about assignments and due dates.

PowerSchool is an excellent tool for gathering information about the progress of your student.  I do my best to ensure grades are updated on a regular basis.  If, after checking PowerSchool, you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  My email address has been included at the bottom of this page.

PowerSchool Parent How-To Guide: http://bertchurch.rockyview.ab.ca/parents/powerschool


If you have any questions regarding the work assigned in English 9, English 20-1, or English 30-2, please feel free to email at bcartwright@rockyview.ab.ca

I am looking forward to a great year!


B. Cartwright


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