Welcome to Mr. New's Homepage

Mr. New's Homepage

Welcome to Bert Church High School!

I am so thrilled to join the Bert Church Chargers family, this year. I am moving to the "big" High School world this year. For the last three years, I was an Assistant Principal at a small K-9 school. I am entering my 14th year of teaching, and am so excited to be back in the high school envionment. As a long time high school mathematics, technology, and P.E. teacher, I can't wait to be surrounded by some high-level and deep learning at the grade 9-12 level again.

Ever since beginning my career with RVS, I have learned the tremendous impact that schools and education have on our young people. I believe that the curricular knowledge attained in school as well as the interpersonal relationshps and skills we learn are what equip us to be contributing global citizens. As such, I believe that all students should have the opportunity to learn and excel in school. Regardless of who a student may be, or what goals they posess, I desire to support the creation of an environment and experience to help all learners attain their goals--both academic and otherwise.

At Bert Church, my Admin responsibilities will include:

  • Supporting teachers in the areas of Science, Fine-Arts, Languages, and CALM.

  • Rememberance Day Ceremonies

  • Graduation

  • Grade 10 students

  • Grade 12 students with last names from A-I


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I am looking forward to getting to know many of you on a deeper level for the year(s) to come.


High School Graduation Requirements:




Phone: 403-948-3800




PowerSchool Parent How-To Guide: http://bertchurch.rockyview.ab.ca/parents/powerschool

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