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Welcome to the wood-shop, I hope you like the smell of sawdust in the morning, or afternoon.

I am Mr. Pearce; I am a Red Seal journeyman carpenter with a Bachelor's  Degree in Anthropology from the University of Calgary, my educational professional training was at the University of British Columbia, I attended "the farm" at the British Columbia Institute of Technology where I received a certificate in Technology Education which is the specialist training to be a shop teacher and I have a Master's Degree in Special Education with my major area of interest being Gifted Education.

My Industrial Education 9 has a wood focus.  Students will also make a jumpring copper bracelet.

In Construction-Technology or Con-Tech 10, students will develop wood working skills and a familiarity with the major woodworking machines.  In Con-Tech 20 & 30 students further their ability to read blueprints, order wood and improve their joinery skills.

Careeer and Life Managment (CALM) is a required course, in order to attain a high school leaving certifcate, students must pass CALM.  The purpose of CALM is to intoduce students to "the practical responsibilities of adulthood".

Course material for some courses is available on the school's moodle site.  This is accessable via the tab at the top of the page.

The curriculum for these modules is available @  Alberta Education https://education.alberta.ca/teachers/program/cts/program-of-studies/tmt.aspx

At an early age I was given advice that  has guided me through life ever since. The advice is: run on time, tell the truth, face the facts.  These simple statements make life easy, sort of, but they make my decisions easy because I can say I am being truthful, I am on time and I have dealt with any mitigating factors.

Wishing you all a fun year at school.

I can be reached via e-mail at jpearce or at the school's phone 403 948 3800 local 7066.  Do not hesitate to contact me.




Teacher Tips

Your involvement as a parent is essential to the success of your child at school. Please visit my workspace and PowerSchool bi-weekly so that you are up to date with your child’s assignments, class schedule/timelines, attendance, and marks.

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