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Hello and welcome to my Bert Church Page!

My name is Kevin Goodyear and I am the Drama teacher at BCHS.

This year I will be teaching Drama 9-30, Performing Arts 15-35, Technical Theatre 15 and 25, CALM and Health 9.

Parents feel free to contact me here: kgoodyear@rockyview.ab.ca

Students, please submit assignments here: kgoodyear@rvschools.ab.ca


Drama class allows students to discover who they are and what their potential might be. It asks them to build self-confidence and shine on stage. Drama class encourages active bodies, sharp minds, and cultivates empathy. Drama 9 focuses on the fundamentals of movement and story-telling while also introducing some improvisation. In Drama 10 we work on specific skills individually. Students will focus unit-by-unit on movement, voice and speech, technical theatre, theatre history, improvisation, and acting. When students get to the combined Drama 20/30 class, they are expected to bring what they focused on in Drama 10 into a more contextual arena. Emphasis is given to script work, character development, and creating a dramatic experience from a simple idea into a full performance.

It is often the case the Drama 20/30 students will work to create a performance for Remembrance Day or some kind of public presentation.

Performing Arts class gives students performance opportunities on a community level. This class works to produce a Boadway-style musical and a play every year which is presented to the public. Through tackling these large shows, students don't just learn acting, singing, and dance skills, they are subject to an array of professional skills such as adhering to a schedule, the value of team effot, problem-solving, etc.

In Technical Theatre, students gain knowledge and experience of working on a full-scale theatrical performance: lights, sound, set design, costume creation, properties, scheduling, etc. by working on that semester's show!


Catch the Bert Church Drama program in action with our winter musical Disney's Beauty and the Beast!


I understand that the land on which I live my life and teach my students belongs to the people of the Treaty 7 region of Alberta. I am committed to learning about more ways that I can respect and acknowledge their cultures and assist in imparting that knowledge onto my students and future generations.


I am so excited for another awesome year at Bert Church!

I want my students to know that I am always 100% available to them should they ever need me and my office door is always open. Come on down for a chat, I'm always up for it!


Parents, please make sure you're accessing PowerSchool on a regular basis to keep up with you child's marks and attendance. Marks are updated every second week.

PowerSchool Parent How-To Guide: http://bertchurch.rockyview.ab.ca/parents/powerschool

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