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Art 2022/23 continues to be a popular option.  This year the art department will still have the opportunity to show professional art in the school, and if possible have a guest artist.  Often in the spring the Airdrie Public Library hosts the Airdrie High School Student Art Show, hopefully this year will be no different.

The Art department is hosting two travelling curated art shows, which showcase professional artists, one in October and the other March.  This opportunity is arranged through TREXSW, the Alberta foundation for the arts travelling exhibition program.

In October we welcome the exhibition Montageries -

Montageries is not a term you will find in a dictionary. Rather, it is a combination of ‘montage’ and ‘memories’ with the meanings of the two packed up into one word. One online dictionary describes a montage as being “any combination of disparate elements that forms or is felt to form a unified whole, single image, etc.” And, according to the same dictionary source, the word memories is a plural form of ‘memory’ – recalling impressions and facts, embodying remembrance, and recollections of times past.

This exhibition features a concise selection of nineteen artworks from over 8,000 objects of visual art held in the extensive permanent collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA). Compositionally, each of the artworks selected were created by uniting many varied components – montages of sorts – metaphorically highlighting that every artwork stands as a small part of a much larger whole (the AFA collection). Multi-layered and complex, the works included in Montageries are flashes of memory and times past.

In March 2023 Alone Together will be featured.

Alone Together is a solo exhibition of hyperrealistic pencil-crayon portraits by Calgary artist Kelly Isaak. During one of the more severe COVID-19 lockdowns in Alberta, Isaak posted on Instagram asking if anyone would be interested in submitting photographs of themselves in isolation that she would later draw. With so many people seeking ways to connect with one another during this time, Isaak received an overwhelming number of responses from interested participants. Most of the people who engaged in the ensuing project were not people she knew, but Isaak endeavoured to capture a communal familiarity, each portrait featuring the face of someone who’d shared a similar experience of isolation with the next. The resulting portrait series is a reminder that through small acts of collaborative effort, we can connect as a community and wade through uncertainties together.

Each of these shows will allow the students the opportunity to have a "gallery experience" in the sense that they will have exposure to see professional art.  This art will be the impetus for an in-class project.  Other themes, beyond "memory", and portraiture, will be responding to a prompt, colour pencil study, cardboard art, painting, still-life, and more.  Really the possibitlites are endless.

There is so much to explore in the world of art and it's all so wonderful.


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