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Art 2023/24 continues to be a popular option.  This year the art department will still have the opportunity to show professional art in the school, and if possible have a guest artist.  Often in the spring the Airdrie Public Library hosts the Airdrie High School Student Art Show, hopefully this year will be no different.

Also, this year the art department, along with the drama department is once again taking a group of 33 students to Montréal and Ottawa during the spring break. The students will participate in art and drama activities, see the landscapes, try local cuisine, and have other amazing experiences that demonstrate how truly great Canada is.

The Art department is hosting two travelling curated art shows, which showcase professional artists, one in October and the other in May.  This opportunity is arranged through TREXSW, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts travelling exhibition program. These art shows provide all students at Bert Church an opportunity to have a gallery experience, and for art students, a unit will be planned prompted by these shows.

In October we welcome the exhibition Come What May -

The past few years have unquestionably been very difficult. Devastating climatic conditions; economic recession; social and political turmoil; and a devastating global pandemic have all taken their toll leaving many wondering what the future will hold. While some assert that life will return to ‘normal’, others are not so sure. Will life return to what it was or does this time presage the development of different systems of government, economic structures, ways of social interaction and ways of actual living? What does the future hold in store?

For thousands of years many artists have either reflected on current situations in their work or created alternate worlds which comment on the present or, through their own fantastical narratives, hint at how the future will unfold. The TREX exhibition Come What May features the work of three artists who, through a focus on fantasy and imagination in their creative endeavors, reflect on the world as they find it or create new worlds which envision a different course for the human race.

In May 2024 Land Eater will be featured.

Jude Griebel’s solo exhibition Land Eater invites reflection on human interactions with land and our impacts on the natural ecologies of the world. While the artworks conceptually explore consumption and degradation, they invite a whimsical and open-ended curiosity into how we define land and our relationships with it. There is an uncanny tension present in Griebel’s anthropomorphized landscapes, and his protesting insect sculptures, where important questions arise around who (or what?) is truly holding the proverbial ‘talking stick’ in our current conversations around climate change and consumerism – if the land is talking, what is it saying? If the various organisms we share the earth are bearing signs of resistance, what specifically is the root of their dissent?

Each of the artworks in Land Eater contemplates incredibly complicated and nuanced relationships that humans navigate related to environmental stewardship. The questions raised here allow viewers to speculate on possibilities and encourage curiosity toward what the future may hold – not just for humans, but for all natural organisms – the living earth.

There is so much to explore in the world of art and it's all so wonderful.


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