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Art 2020/21 continues to be a popular option.  This year the art department will still have the opportunity to show professional art in the school, and if possible have a guest artist.  Often in the spring the Airdrie Public Library hosts the Airdrie High School Student Art Show, hopefully this year will be no different.

The Art department is hosting two travelling curated art shows, which showcase professional artists, one in October and the other April.  This opportunity is arranged through TREXSW, the Alberta foundation for the arts travelling exhibition program.

In October we welcome the exhibition Scraps - this exhibition features twenty paintings by emerging Calgary-based artist Geneva Haley.  Geneva is originally from Olds, Alberta, where she grew up on a fifteen acre barley farm. Being the youngest and the only girl in a family of five children, she spent a lot of time on her own exploring her imagination in this rural habitat.

Haley encourages viewers to develop relationships with her paintings through their own experiences. What can the landscape teach you about yourself? This is the question Haley asked herself as she developed this series of hand-painted illustrations.

April 2021 In Good Company by Dr John Snow will be featured.  In 1953, bank manager and artist, Dr. John Snow, discovered that a Calgary based commercial printing company had left two lithography presses in their back alley. Dr. Snow purchased the presses for fifteen dollars and set them up in his basement studio. At the time, no one in Alberta and very few people in Canada were using lithography for art making purposes.

It was not long before Dr. Snow mastered lithography and began to use it for its aesthetic potential. This is evident in the figurative prints selected for this exhibition from the collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.  Each print combines rich layers of saturated colours, simple patterns and textures created using found objects. His subject matter, a combination of portraiture and still life, is traditional, but he represents it through a modernist lens.

Each of these shows will allow the students the opportunity to have a "gallery experience" in the sense that they will have exposure to see professional art.  This art will be the impetus for an in-class project.  Other themes, beyond landscapes, and self and others, in art this year will be op/pop art, Van Gogh's sunflowers, and 3-dimensional art - deconstructing/constructing or carving.  Really the possibitlites are endless; this year though consideration is given to the materials that can support student learning but still take into account the COVID safety protocols.

There is so much to explore in the world of art and it's all so wonderful.


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