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I’m entering my first year at Bert Church High School and I am excited to be joining the Charger team!  I am now in my 7th year teaching and 1st with the Rocky View School Division. I completed a Bachelor of Arts at Mount Allison University and a Bachelor of Education from Acadia University.  I am currently in my final year of a Master of Education with a focus on Instructional Leadership and Curriculum and Learning through the University of Calgary.


I also have a passion for sport and will be helping coach the Charger football team as well as for travel and try to encourage students to take advantage of any extra curricular opportunity that may present itself.


This year I will be teaching Social 10, 20, 30 and ELA 10-1. Having previously taught all of these courses I have seen firsthand the positive impact that the content within these courses can have on students and how applicable it may be in their lives beyond the classroom


Some of my core values within the classroom include:


  1. Give your best effort.  No matter your ability level, if you are willing to try and take chances, then you are destined to see improvements
  2. Be responsible for your learning.  All course materials will be found on Google Classroom.  If you miss instructional time, it is your responsibility to look on Classroom or to touch base with me to see what content you missed.  Use flex time to help address missed content as well.
  3. Find your passion.  The best part of Social Studies and ELA is that we often look at big topics that you can then choose more specific components within to focus on and enhance your learning.  You are in control of your learning alongside my support!
  4. I am a big believer in collaborative learning. From the layout of my classroom, to the structure of the classes, there is a focus on sharing ideas with others and gaining a better understanding of different perspectives. Be respectful of the beliefs and values of others and try to develop a sense of empathy for perspectives that may differ from your own.  Having diverse experiences and beliefs within the class is a huge advantage for our collective learning.
  5. Have fun! Social Studies and ELA should be about learning new things and encouraging you to learn about new places, ideologies and reflect upon what you already know.  I hope that what you learn in my courses will motivate you to travel both physically and mentally beyond your comfort zone!


Please don’t hesitate to email me or contact me by phone at BCHS with any questions.  Chat with me to get the Google Classroom code for students’ respective courses.



Mail: mbates

Phone: 403-948-3800

CURRICULUM - Dictated by Alberta Education




PowerSchool Parent How-To Guide: http://bertchurch.rockyview.ab.ca/parents/powerschool

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