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Hello and welcome to Bert Church High School.  My name is Mr. Sera and I am one of the Physical Education teachers on staff.  As a teacher, I value the importance of student centered learning.  At this time in education it is so important that students take ownership of their own learning. Our school motto is “Strive for Excellence”.  Mediocrity should never be an option in our student’s lives whether in the classroom or out in the world.  Lastly, our students should always feel that Bert Church is a safe and inviting environment.  I have been a part of the Bert Church community for many years and have enjoyed the enthusiastic interaction had with the students over this period of time.  Once you become a member of the Charger community, it is hard not to bleed blue and gold.

As a Physical Education teacher, my goal is to provide students with a positive experience in the realm of activity.  My hope is that each student will come to love an activity that they will continue to be engaged in after their high school experience.  Physical education should provide both social interaction as well as individual betterment.  My philosophy is that I want my students to just try in P.E.  It does not matter how well, or poor, you may be in an activity; JUST DO IT...If students are struggling they have the opportunity to talk with me at any time and help will be provided.

As well as being a teacher at the school, I am also the Athletic Director.  Team play and competition provides the opportunity for student athletes to challenge themselves outside of the classroom.  The relationships that I have watched develop over the years amongst the players, has been invaluable as you see these students in a different light.  Coaching was one of the reasons why I became an educator and continues to highlight my teaching career.

If you need to contact me, I would prefer you email me at Mr. Sera I can also be reached by calling the school at 403-948-3800

Thanks and I look forward to further interaction

Please note:  At Bert Church High School, we offer an advisory class.  This is an opportunity for students to connect with a staff member and discuss topics that apply to lifelong learning.


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