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Hello, here you will find information on beginner, intermediate and advanced Mechanics as well as Industrial Education 9.

Welcome to Mechanics and Industrial Education 9.  IE9 is primarily focused on tools and materials for metal work and we complete several interesting and rewarding projects.  In Mechanics you will learn about automotive technologies, how they work, and what to do when they don't.

I strive to make my classes fun but focussed, appealing to all skill and comfort levels and most importantly, a comfortable and safe place to be.  I look forward to getting to know my students, their interests, strengths and weaknesses and developing a positive rapport.

I welcome questions about the course content and student progress.


My website,, has information and links on concepts covered in the various Mechanics courses.  Here you will find useful links in case you missed a class or just want more information.

I can be reached at 403-948-3800 ext 7069 or emailed at Mr. S. Sweetapple




Teacher Tips

Regular attendance is imperative in a mostly hands-on course.  With the exception of studying for tests, there is no homework; all work is completed in class.  My saying is, "If you are here and you care, you will do well in my class."  If you find yourself struggling, you need to consider your number of days away and personal interest.

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