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Next Steps after High School: Career, Training, Post Secondary

Here is where you will find all of the helpful links and information for your next steps after high school graduation. You can look through the folders one by one or jump to the most relevant.

Self Assessment

Who Am I? You are unique: Get to know yourself! Self-assessments can assist you to learn more about your interests, skills, and abilities, personality style, values, favourite subjects and positive experiences. Career Quizzes are not meant to tell you what you should do for a Career. Career Quizzes help you get started and provide you with guide posts of things to consider.
Explore Occupation Possibilities
There are three quizzes at There are 3 quick quizzes where you answer questions about your Interests, your Abilities and your preferred Work Activities. Your results will match with occupations for you to consider.
Personality Style
Complete at least one of the following self-assessments to learn more about your personality style. Enter your findings on your Personal Profile.
Favourite Subjects
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This is a powerful Canadian database for exploring possible careers and post secondary training that is needed to achieve your dreams. SCHOOL ACTIVATION KEY: bertchurch Every student who has a school email already has a MyBlueprint account. Simply click login - school account log in and type in your school email and your school id as your password.
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Career Investigation Report

File Career Investigation Reports
A career investigation report can be a component of the student selection process in some post-secondary programs. Your Career Investigation report should be contain information that would convince a selection committee that you have researched the occupation you hope to study.
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BCHS After High School Now What?

January 2022 A new website was developed with the focus of exploring what to do after high school. Post secondary, Apprenticeship, Intentional GAP year, and scholarships.

The link address is:

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Helpful thoughts for Grade 12

Helpful thoughts for Grade 12

  • 1st Applied 1st Qualified or Competitive Admission - which one is your program?
    • 1st Applied - In this system, applicants who meet minimum entrance requirements are admitted according to the date of their application.
    • Competitive - most popular and high demand programs follow this system. These programs establish a base line academic average for acceptance and may also include non-academic criteria. Letters of Conditional Acceptance are sent.
    • Early Admission - UofC - present final grade 11 average in 4 faculty specific courses required for admission - varies by program.  Deadline: Dec. 15th
    • Early Admission - Grade 11 marks   Standard Admission - January marks  Final Admission - June marks
  • Most University Programs are open as of October 1st

* Once you have a login, be sure to check back to university website/email for updates - they will send them to you there

Do not use ApplyAlberta to update marks once submitted, update at specific universities using your log in

  • Apply for Residence at the same time as you do the school, unless specified
  • Scholarships - some schools have a separate application form and deadline
    • Dec. 15th Deadline to apply for Entrance Leadership & Scholastic Distinction
  • Competitive Admission Programs have an early close date
    • Nursing - Feb. 1st (MRU, UofC) March 1st (UofL, Red Deer)
    • Midwifery - Feb. 1st (MRU)
    • Business - March 1st (UofC)
    • Engineering - Feb. 28th (Red Deer), March 1st (UofL), May 1st (Med Hat)
      • RDC-BSc Engineering transfer program    50% seats will be 1st qualified, 50% of seats will be competitive
    • CHECK YOUR PROGRAM for Deadline
  • Offer Acceptance Deadline : Please check - some are May 1, some may be June 1st
  • Final Document Deadline: August 1st - *this means no Aug. Exam rewrites accepted (EXCEPTION:  St. Mary's University College WILL accept summer school courses)
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Choosing your Post-Secondary Institution

Educational success is realized when you know what you want from your education and where you can get it. Because there are many high-quality academic, technical and career education options in Alberta and across Canada, you need to be informed in order to make the best choice.
Time to Choose A Post-Secondary Education Program
This book will help student choose between full-time or part-time studies, evaluate various programs and assess the institutions that offer them. This free resource is available online or the print version is available in the Career Centre.
ALIS Tip Sheet - Choosing a Post-Secondary Institution
ALIS is a great place to get career planning information. There are one page tip sheets as well.
Choosing a Post-Secondary Program (Canada)
Choosing the right program to follow can be a challenging task. The information and resources on this page are designed to help you select a program that’s right for you.
File 40 Questions to Ask College/University Reps
These are a few sample questions you could ask recruiters at the Post-Secondary event you are attending.
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