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Tuesday & Wednesday from 8:00 AM to 3:30 pm   I am working from home at this time and happy to help students with questions and concerns.  Please email

The Career Centre is on the main floor in Room 1007.  Please stop in for a visit.  The Career Centre has an abundance of resources that students can have for free.   Parents are very welcome to phone or come in for an appointment with or without their student.

Mrs. D. Smith is here to help students with planning their next steps towards a successful future.

Please Email Mrs. Smith with any questions or concerns you might have.

  • Post-Secondary Institution information and requirements
  • Scholarship Information
  • Career Transitioning
  • Job Search Skills
  • Gap Year
  • Volunteering
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Scholarship Information

Think about earning and winning scholarships to help you pay for your post secondary education. Everyone should look into scholarships! Many students earn the Rutherford Scholarship in at least one of the years that they are in high school, but then neglect to apply for it when they are going to attend a Post-Secondary Institutuion. Start planning what scholarships you will apply for before you are in your grade 12 year. You might feel overwhelmed once you are in Grade 12 with your diploma courses. The Bert Church scholarship directory is just one source for you to start you scholarship hunt.
Scholarship Information
Information and application dates for a variety of scholarships.
File Bert Church High School Scholarship Directory
Scholarships are organized in this directory by the date that they are due. Please allow yourself ample time to complete a scholarship application. Some require reference letters. When asking someone to write a reference letter on your behalf supply them with information about the scholarship that you are applying for and give them two weeks or more to write the reference letter. You may need to write an essay. Give yourself enough time to a high quality essay. You are in a competition and you want to submit your best work. Remember - an hour of your time might be worth $300 - or More!!
STEM Scholarship
Alexander Rutherford High School Achievement Scholarship
Worth from $300 to $2500. Get money for earning a 75% and over average in grades 10, 11 and 12. Apply in April when you are in Grade 12, or in the spring before you start your post-secondary studies.
File Kirpal Kaur Dhindsa Memorial Scholarship
File IODE Coronation Bursary
Offered by the Provincial Chapter of alberta, IODE on the basis of financial need rather than Academic Achievement. The mission of IODE, a Canadian women's charitabale organization, is to improve the quality of life for children, youth and those in need, through educational, social service and citizenship. Value: $1000 Deadline: July 15
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Career Planning

Your career is the sum total of your life experiences. If includes your paid and unpaid work, your community and volunteer activities, and your family activities. Your career is like your “life story” – it is made up of all the work, recreation, community and family roles that you take on throughout your life. The Career Planning Process can be broken down into five steps. 1. Self Assessing 2. Identifying Career Alternatives 3. Researching Career Information 4. Deciding 5. Action Planning
Self Assessment
Who Am I? You are unique: Get to know yourself! Self-assessments can assist you to learn more about your interests, skills, and abilities, personality style, values, favourite subjects and positive experiences. Career Quizzes are not meant to tell you what you should do for a Career. Career Quizzes help you get started and provide you with examples of things to consider.
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RAP and Skilled Trades Information (Apprenticeships)

Apprenticeship involves a combination of work experience and formal training.
Trade Secrets is the website to go to when you want information about about Apprenticeship an Industry Training in any of the 50 trades in Alberta
Apprentice High School Requirements
Click on this link to find out what high school courses you need to have for the apprenticeship you are interested in.
Careers Next Generation
Careers Next Generation (CNG) helps students to get started in an apprenticeship. Students that start apprenticing in High School can earn high school credits at the same time that they are counting apprentice hours in their blue book. This is called RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program)
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Career Investigation Report

File Career Investigation Reports
A career investigation report can be a component of the student selection process in some post-secondary programs. Your Career Investigation report should be contain information that would convince a selection committee that you have researched the occupation you hope to study.
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Choosing your Post-Secondary Institution

Educational success is realized when you know what you want from your education and where you can get it. Because there are many high-quality academic, technical and career education options in Alberta and across Canada, you need to be informed in order to make the best choice.
File 40 Questions to Ask College/University Reps
These are a few sample questions you could ask recruiters at the Post-Secondary event you are attending.
Choosing a Post-Secondary Program (Canada)
Choosing the right program to follow can be a challenging task. The information and resources on this page are designed to help you select a program that’s right for you.
Search for a Program -
This career planning tool at CanLearn helps you find schools that offer the program you are interested in taking.
Time to Choose A Post-Secondary Education Program
This book will help student choose between full-time or part-time studies, evaluate various programs and assess the institutions that offer them. This free resource is available online or the print version is available in the Career Centre.
ALIS Tip Sheet - Choosing a Post-Secondary Institution
ALIS is a great place to get career planning information. There are one page tip sheets as well.
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Referee Sheet.

Help the people you will be asking to write letters of reference for you. Provide information about the scholarship you are applying for and information about yourself. The author of the reference letter needs to show how you are a match to the criteria required by the scholarship. Some items to include in a referee sheet: Extracurricular activities, volunteer work, extra courses such as Drivers Ed., First Aid, Babysitting etc., Accomplishments and awards, Community Involvements, Leadership Roles, Recreation and Leisure Activities and Hobbies, etc. Use the template provided here so that the information about you is presented in an organized way.

Referee Sheet BCHS .pdf — PDF document, 51 kB (52421 bytes)

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Bert Church High School Scholarship Strategy Sheet

A strategy for looking for scholarships. The large scholarships - the Loran, TD Canada Trust and Terry Fox are listed first. If you complete the very comprehensive Loran Award application, you will likely have the work done for other scholarships that pop up during the school year. Deadlines for the Loran and TD Canada Trust are earlier in the first semester. Any student going on to post secondary should be sure to apply for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship, which is no an online application.

BCHS Scholarship & Nomination Req 2019 - 2020.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 87 kB (89600 bytes)

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City of Calgary Police Service - Information about Recruitment Process

CPS has an excellent recruiting website. They host regular information sessions at the Westwinds campus.
Calgary Police Information Sessions
Information sessions are cancelled for April. Check the CPS recruiting website to see when the next event is scheduled.
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RCMP Depot Camp July 2020

Find out what it is like to be an police officer in training. Application is due on March 1, 2020 Depot Camps participants have been chosen for this summer. As this is a popular event, begin this application now if you would like to attend in the future. Make your application a strong one.
File Application for RCMP Depot 2020
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Rocky View Teachers Scholarships

There are two applications - one for students graduating with a High Shool Diploma and the other for students graduationg with a Certificate of Achievement. Applications need to be received at Cochrane High School by June 25.
File Rocky View Teachers Scholarship - Alberta H S Diploma
Deadline for application: June 25 Detailed Academic Report must be sent to Dr. Lupart at Cochrance HS by August 17.
File Rocky View Teachers Scholarship - Certificate of Achievement
Deadline to Submit scholarship application to Dr. Lupart at Cochrane HS is June 25. Detailed Academic Report needs to be sent to Dr. Lupart at Cochrane HS by August 17.
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Airdrie and District Agricultural Society Scholarship

1 scholarship of $1000 and 2 $500 scholarships. Two of these scholarships will be awarded to Airdrie students entering an agricultural program. The third scholarship is for an Airdrie student going into any program. The deadline to apply is September 15.
File Airdrie and District Agricultural Society Scholarship Application
Deadline to apply is September 15.
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Empowering students to make informed decisions about their future SCHOOL ACTIVATION KEY: bertchurch To get Started: 1. If you are a New User and do not have an account, visit, enter your school Activation Key in the New User box and click Create Account 2. In the new page, select Grade -- Next 3. Complete the required fields and click Create My Account. In the future you can log in using your email and password at
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WISEST SET Conference - Saturday November 21, 2020

• Women is Scholarship, Engineering, Science and Technology A Science, Engineering and Technology experience for all girls and non-binary students in grades 10 -12 Explore SET ghrough hands-on experiements and activities Meet university students and learn what it is like to be a student in science, engineering or technology Register online . $50 Registration opens on October 1 and this popular event for 255 young women fills up quickly

The link address is:

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Kin Canada Bursaries

$1000 bursaries are awarded to Canadianstudents from coast-to-coast who are pursuing post-secondary educationa. Local Kinsmen Clubs submit one applicatiaon the the Board of Trustees.

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