Choosing your Post-Secondary Institution

Educational success is realized when you know what you want from your education and where you can get it. Because there are many high-quality academic, technical and career education options in Alberta and across Canada, you need to be informed in order to make the best choice.
Time to Choose A Post-Secondary Education Program
This book will help student choose between full-time or part-time studies, evaluate various programs and assess the institutions that offer them. This free resource is available online or the print version is available in the Career Centre.
ALIS Tip Sheet - Choosing a Post-Secondary Institution
ALIS is a great place to get career planning information. There are one page tip sheets as well.
Choosing a Post-Secondary Program (Canada)
Choosing the right program to follow can be a challenging task. The information and resources on this page are designed to help you select a program that’s right for you.
File 40 Questions to Ask College/University Reps
These are a few sample questions you could ask recruiters at the Post-Secondary event you are attending.
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