Miss Brown


My name is Tanis Brown and I am thrilled to be teaching the wonderful students at Bert Church High School! I am also excited to be the teacher sponsor for the Junior Girls Basketball Team this year!

Teaching is a passion for me and building strong relationships with my students is my top priority. After leaving the world of corporate communications and graphic design to pursue this passion, I know the skills that students will need to learn in English to prepare them not only for high school, but the “real world” beyond. I aim to infuse these skills into both English and Social Studies, while working to develop students into strong readers, writers and speakers who can tap into their creativity, collaboration and critical thinking skills.

My goal is for all students to flourish and find success in my class, and I aim to do all that I can to make that happen. I am available during lunch, or before/after school (by appointment) for students to get extra help. I always welcome parent/guardian communication in order to better understand your student’s learning needs and look forward to working as a team with the common goal of seeing your student grow and develop in my class.

I can best be reached by email at tanbrown@rockyview.ab.ca and welcome phone/in person meetings as needed (please email to schedule). All course content is delivered through Google Classroom, so feel free to reach out for a parent invite to the platform if you didn't recieve one at the beginning of the semester.

I can’t wait to see the growth in your students and have fun with them this year!

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