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In this program students will learn to challenge themselves mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally. The students will utilize the great outdoors as a classroom and incorporate many skills to learn how to live an active and healthy lifestyle. The focus of this course is on building outdoor skills such as leadership, excursion, trip planning, wilderness navigation, survival, and outdoor cooking. Students will utilize these skills both in the classroom and the outdoors. Excursions are tailored to the seasons. For each off campus activity, forms will be distributed in advance with the expectations that they are filled out properly and returned before the given deadline. Students will not be allowed to participate in the activities without all forms being completed. Students need to be organized! Students will qualify to participate in any excursions (activities) by attending classes, behaving in a respectful manner and completing assignments. Should I feel that a student is not meeting these criteria, and or is a safety concern, participation in one or all of the activities will be suspended. Course Objectives: Demonstrate the basic knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for safe, comfortable outdoor experiences in all seasons. Demonstrate an awareness/respect of living things and basic ecological process Develop leadership and decision making skills Develop communication, listening and observational skills Maintain a functional level of physical fitness Develop positive personal and social behaviors and interpersonal relationships Learn proper nutrition and menu planning for outdoor activities Learn how to interact with wildlife populations in a manner safe for all involved
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