Grade 10- 12 Registration Materials

File 2021-2022 High School Planner
This guide is designed to help students plan their school programming.
File 2021-2022 Grade 12's
Course Planning Form
File 2021-2022 Grade 11's
Course Planning Form
File 2021-2022 Grade 10's
Course planning form
File Grade 10 Orientation 2021-2022
Course Contacts for Grade 10
If you have any course related questions, please contact:
Lacrosse Sport Option
As students prepare to choose their courses for next school year, I wanted to bring to your attention a new offering being piloted at Bert Church this upcoming year. We will be offering a Lacrosse Sport Option which will satisfy your Diploma requirements for PE10 and CALM, with additional CTS credits available.
Application Information: Career Advantage Progaram (CAP) for Health Sciences
English 10-1 AP
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