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We are happy that you have found us here at Bert Church High School (BCHS) and hope you find your time on our website informative.

My name is Ryan Reed and I am excited to be leading BCHS as Principal. There are places in a person’s life that mean a little more to them than others; BCHS is one of those places for me. As a student at BCHS from 1996-98, I witnessed first-hand the impact amazing staff on me. A few years later, I was fortunate to spend the first three years of my teaching career at BCHS. Now, many years later, I am thrilled to be the principal.

As we look ahead to the 2021.22 school year, we are cautiously optimistic that life can begin to resemble pre-pandemic times. Our focus will be on student and staff wellness, belonging, and academic success. We spent time together last spring discussing strategies to help our school rebound from a challenging year and launch into the 2021.22 school year. Over the course of the months ahead, we look forward to seeing our students interact in their learning, compete on the athletic fields, perform musical pieces and dramas, and contribute to a school community that is very special.
We know that COVID-19 is still among us and will lead to bumps along the way. What I am confident of is our collective resiliance and courage to take on all challenges and come out the other side knowing we did our best.

We want our parents, staff, community members, and students to take ownership of BCHS, to take pride in attending the school, and to care enough to want to make a difference in our hallways. There are far too many examples of people already doing this to list here, but if you would like to see firsthand, call our office and come meet with our registration team to see what BCHS can offer to your child.

Thanks for taking the time to explore our website. Have a wonderful day.

Ryan Reed

Principal | Bert Church High School

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