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We are happy that you have found us here at Bert Church High School (BCHS) and hope you find your time on our website informative.

My name is Ryan Reed and I am excited to begin my first year as principal at BCHS. There are places in a person’s life that mean a little more to them than others; BCHS is one of those places for me. As a student at BCHS from 1996-98, I witnessed first-hand the impact amazing staff on me. A few years later, I was fortunate to spend the first three years of my teaching career at BCHS. Now, fifteen years later, I am thrilled to return as principal.

Prior to departing for the summer, I sent a survey to the staff to get to know them a better. One of the questions I asked was what they loved about working at BCHS. The overwhelming majority stated the students was what made BCHS a special place. My memories of BCHS would be similar. We have outstanding kids walking our halls.

Our goal for the 2019.20 school year will see us collectively work together as a staff to increase the probability of success for all students. We use that phrase intentionally as we know there are many factors to student success. We also know that success looks different for each student. We want to foster conditions where students feel safe coming to school, supported by their peers and staff, and enabled to take risks in their learning. In order to support our students, staff will spend the year learning together in a professional learning community focussing on areas ranging from numeracy to positive based intervention strategies to assessment. As we learn new techniques and strategies to better meet the diverse needs of students in our school, the probability for their success will only go up.

We want our parents, staff, community members, and students to take ownership of BCHS, to take pride in attending the school, and to care enough to want to make a difference in our hallways. There are far too many examples of people already doing this to list here, but if you would like to see firsthand, call our office and come meet with our registration team to see what BCHS can offer to your child.

Thanks for taking the time to explore our website. Have a wonderful day.

Ryan Reed

Principal | Bert Church High School

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