School Closure and Exam Proceedures

If there is a school closure due to weather the diploma exams will still run effectively keeping the school open with a skeleton staff to run the diplomas or PATs.


General Information Bulletin

  1. When faced with an unpredictable event or emergency that interferes with the administration of a diploma examination, schools shall always act and make decisions:
    A. First, in the interest of the health and safety of staff and students
    B. Second, with due regard for the security and integrity of diploma              examination materials and the processes of administering them.
  2. If a school or school authority is required to enact special measures to address an unpredictable event or emergency that may impact the administration of a diploma examination, the school principal or chief presiding examiner of a writing centre shall:
    A. Ensure that if the school or designated writing centre remains open during inclement weather or other emergency conditions, students who arrive (late or on time) to write their diploma examinations are permitted to do so. Students in these situations must be allowed the full time allotted for the examination.
    B. Under certain circumstances, and only upon the approval of the Director of Exam Administration (see Contacts section), allow an examination to be administered to individual students on the scheduled day of administration but at times other than the scheduled time.
    C. Ensure that students, including mature students, who are unable to write or to complete a diploma examination because of an emergency have the opportunity to review their options, including appeal and rescore provisions, with the support of school administration.
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