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Welcome to Bert Church High School. We hope your years at Bert Church will benefit you and provide memories that you will remember fondly after you leave.

The student handbook provides you and your parents with some basic guidelines to ensure your years here are worthwhile. Study these guidelines carefully. If you don’t understand a particular guideline, ask your counsellor or administrator. It is your responsibility to know what is expected. Discuss this booklet with your parents. In most instances the rationale for the guidelines is not stated simply to save space.

Above all, we expect that you will, at all times, be a student who accepts responsibility for his/her actions—the kind of student of whom you, your parents and your school can be proud.

Good luck during the coming school year!

The contents of The Student Handbook are for the use of students and their parents.

Some sections will be subject to change through the year, so students should be alert for such announcements.

For further information on any of these matters, students and parents are invited to come to the school office or telephone 403-948-3800.

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