Charger Connects - Thursday, April 1st
Thursday, April 1st
Youth Job Fair
Sale Start/End Date: Friday March 11th - Tuesday March 30th
Lacrosse Sport Option
ALL SCHOOL FEES DUE for 2020/2021
We would like to remind you that ALL school fees are now due to be paid as of February 28, 2021.
Last Chance for Graduation 2021 Swag
BCHS At-Home Learning Reference Guide
Daily Health Checklist
Should I go to school today?
Co-op A+ Program
Save your Co-op Airdrie receipts and drop them off in the box in the main office. Co-op will donate 1% of the total of all receipts to the school.
Student Code of Conduct
Public education is a shared responsibility. With students, families, employees and our communities, we are working together every day to build positive learning environments for student success.
Personally Owned Devices
RVS PODs Information
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Late Bus Alerts
School Cash Online

School Cash

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