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Important COVID-19 related process and guidance changes



Dear BCHS families,

I wanted to make you aware of some important COVID-19 related process and guidance changes that will be implemented in our school.

New Alberta Daily Health Checklists

The Government of Alberta recently updated the Alberta Health Daily Checklist. New isolation requirements are included for fully vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals as well as other updates. Please continue to have your child complete the checklist every day before coming to school as an important step in keeping our schools healthy and limiting transmission of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Notifications

Alberta Health Services (AHS) is no longer supporting COVID-19 and respiratory illness outbreak management in schools. AHS will not be notifying schools of positive cases, has asked schools not to report positive cases to AHS and will not be declaring alerts or outbreaks or publishing this information on the government website as they have done previously.

With the high volume of cases more recently and without AHS support, Rocky View Schools (RVS) will focus school staff efforts on supporting student learning including those required to isolate. RVS has directed schools to stop case tracking and notifying the school community of positive cases. RVS will reassess if AHS resumes its support of these time intensive efforts in schools.

RVS will be monitoring student and staff attendance as a means of identifying challenging situations where a temporary shift to at-home learning may be warranted. Students are not required to share if they are positive with COVID-19, but families are asked to inform the school office if their child will not be attending school.

Field Trips

All off-site field trips are paused at this time based on provincial recommendations.


In response to guidance from the provincial government, games with only two school teams are permitted to proceed and tournament style events are paused until further notice.

Rapid Test Kits/Medical Grade Masks

Once the government-provided rapid test kits/medial grade masks arrive, they will be distributed to students and staff as quickly as possible. A reminder these items are optional and to contact our school office if you do not want them sent home with your child.

Return to School Operational Plan

More information on these and other COVID-19 health and safety protocols in our school can be found in the updated Return to School Operational Plan.

Any isolation/quarantine or COVID-19-specific questions should be directed to 811/AHS or your family doctor.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Ryan Reed

Principal | Bert Church High School


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