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Art 9
Art 9 is an exploration of ideas, applications and mediums, including design and colour work, exploring cultural, historical and contemporary arts, and ...
Art 10
The Art 10 course is structurally based on the elements and principles of art and design: line, space, colour, value, etc. In Art 10 we begin exploring ...
Fine Arts
Guitar 9 & Guitar 10/20
Here you'll find the Course Outline and other information for this class.
Saxophone Fingering Charts
Here you will find fingering charts for all saxophones.
File Alto Sax Fingering
File Tenor Sax Fingering
Brass Fingering Charts
School Showcase - Art
Showcasing student art work
Mr. K. Goodyear
File Art 20 Course Outline
Art 10 - Wire Sculpture
Art 9 - Driftwood Painting inspired by Alex Janvier
Image mandala by Ben
Art 20/30 - Just Sayin' Text Portraits
File Course Outline
Art 20
The Art 20 course consists of several art projects, which continue to explore mediums through 2- and 3-dimensional art. More in-depth encounters with art ...
Image Driftwood Painting
Art 9 - Mandala
Image mandala by Danika
File Course Outline
File Art 9 course outline
Welcome to the Bert Church Drama Department
Welcome to Ms. Tschritter's Homepage
Ms. L. Tschritter
Instrumental Jazz 15/25/35
Here you'll find the Course Outline and other information for this class.
Instrument Fingering Charts
You will find fingering and trill charts for all band instruments here.
File Bari Sax Fingering
File Saxophone Trills