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Art 2016/17 continues to be a popular option.  This year the art department has the opportunity to take student work out into the community and bring professional art into the school and classroom.  Spring 2016, the Airdrie Public Library will once again host the student art show, always a wonderful opportunity for the students; worth a visit.

The Art department is hosting two travelling art shows, one in October and the other, March.  This opportunity is arranged through TREX, the Alberta foundation for the arts travelling exhibition program.

In October we welcome the exhibition ...rattled to the bone, which presents the art works of Jean-Rene Leblanc, Lesley Roy, Caroline Stanley, Pamela Thurston and Lisa Turner.  Whether dealing with the natural world or focusing on more domestic environments, these artists combine formal and emotive concerns with sound theoretical opinions to discern beauty in subjects either overlooked or entirely unexpected.  Going against the common and the cliched, through their works they invite viewers to question personal perceptions of beauty and rattle us to the bone by exploring the world in intriguing and ultimately humbling ways.

March 2017 , Echo Chamber will be on display at BCHS.  The art in this show, while inspired by the visible world and personal experiences of the artists Brenda Kim Christiansen, Patrick Higgins and Paddy Lamb, the art works presented in Echo Chamber go beyond documenting individual memories and narratives.  Rather, through their works the featured artists seek to actively engage viewers in the fabricaiton of new memories, narratives and perceptions of reality, thereby constructing echoes of experience which become the viewer's own.

Other themes explored in art this year are: portrait, identity/heritage, western, multi-cultural, art fundamentals and a variety of mediums, just to mention a few.  All assignments are posted to moodle so that the students have access to course content and resources, which will help them further their understanding in the historical/contemporary, technical, and creative aspects of art.


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