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Art 2018/19 continues to be a popular option.  This year the art department has the opportunity to take student work out into the community and bring professional art into the school and classroom.  Spring 2019, the Airdrie Public Library will once again host the student art show, always a wonderful opportunity for the students; worth a visit.

The Art department is hosting two travelling curated art shows, which showcase professional artists, one in November and the other, May.  This opportunity is arranged through TREXSW, the Alberta foundation for the arts travelling exhibition program.

In November we welcome the exhibition Building Stories: Volume 2. The exhibit draws attention to the buildings that surround us and how the structures are a visual storytelling of Alberta’s past. The paintings, chosen from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts’ permanent collection, present fifteen Alberta artists whose work depict the buildings from their own personal stories and observations.

Building Stories includes a range of building types and they bring the viewer from farm buildings, like in Gertrude Fleming’s scene of a warm afternoon in Meadow’s Ranch, Fairmont, BC, to a city scene on a chilly, winter day in Randy Hayashi’s January on Jasper Avenue. The featured buildings are family homes in quiet neighbourhoods; buildings that shelter, comfort, and foster life. There are buildings that have long been forgotten and are rundown, like in Stanford Perrott’s Sander’s Machine Shed.

The homes, office towers, farmhouses, churches, barns and grain elevators in Building Stories contain a multitude of narratives because the buildings in the exhibit not only carry the original story of the artist, but also what the viewer imagines. The smooth brushstrokes on the shingles and the sharp lines around the windows bring the stories of protection, economy and labour; the stories of peace, struggle, and a sense of belonging. -Todd Schaber, curator.

May 2018, Courage Journey will be on display at BCHS. Since 2015, the W.P. Puppet Theatre has facilitated View from the Inside, a series of puppet-building workshops to encourage open discussions about mental wellness. Indigenous youth and children, seniors, high school students, Girl Guides, developmentally disabled persons, sheltered women, refugees, and those at risk of homelessness were all given an identical blank mask and asked to embark on a personal journey of self-reflection. Using a combination of paint, written messages, personal objects and collage elements, participants embellished the outsides of the masks to represent how they present themselves to, or how they believe they are perceived by, the public. The insides of the masks represent how they see themselves. Appendages such as string were used to signify their connection to community; the longer the string, the more distant the relationship and the closer, the stronger. The final step was for each creator to bring their mask to life through an animated performance, revealing the insights gathered through the process in a safe and trusting environment.

The process has proven to be cathartic. It has highlighted the healing potential of creative practice, fostered a greater sense of community and promoted empathy and understanding across diverse groups of people. From an outsider’s perspective, the use of masks in this context seems contradictory. Masks are often associated with concealing identity, but here they act as a second skin—a courageous and honest unmasking of their creator’s innermost thoughts.

Courage Journey is comprised of 7 diptychs representing the inner and outer worlds of anonymous workshop participants, as well as the facilitators of the workshops, Wendy Passmore-Godfrey and Allan Rosales. The exhibition is intended to remind us of the universal nature of mental wellness and to allow us to contemplate the ways in which we all at one time or another wear a mask. —Shannon Bingeman, Curator

Other themes explored in art this year are: self-portrait through empathy, landscape and perspective, masterpiece revisited, exploring and developing technical ability and personal style, just to mention a few.  All assignments are posted to moodle so that the students have access to course content and resources, which will help them further their understanding in the historical/contemporary, technical, and creative aspects of art.


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