Explore Occupation Possibilities

There are three quizzes at JobBank.gc.ca There are 3 quick quizzes where you answer questions about your Interests, your Abilities and your preferred Work Activities. Your results will match with occupations for you to consider.
Career Values Assessment
Values are things that are most important to you – in your life and career. They are things you care strongly about. A career choice based on your values is more likely to be better than one based on other people’s recommendations.
Work Values Quiz
Your values are important clues to what kind of work and work conditions you would like. The Work Values Quiz can help you determine your work motivations, your preferred work setting, how you like to interact with others, and your work style
Work Personality
A test to help guide you towards a career best suited for your personality.
Take the Interests Quiz to rank how interested you are in the tasks related to work.
This is a 10 minute quiz.
Employability Skills
match your skills and knowledge to different careers
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